Into Thin Air

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Dacchic Not being a heavy "Paranormal Romance" fan, I appreciated that supernatural aspects of the lead characters wasn't made that big a deal, and the focus truly was on their emotional relationship. Even without the idea of Ellie and Gawan being soul-mates, there is a sense that they just complement each other so well. Knowing that they are Intended allows the author to skip much of the wooing and just get them together.

Unfortunately, there are some parts of the overall storyline that are ignored, briefly touched upon when convenient, or never fully realized. We know Ellie's motivations for coming to England, but the family mystery is wrapped up in a page of exposition rather than having them solve it along with Ellie's more immediate problem. And it wasn't made 100% clear how she was lost near Castle Grimm in the first place (before her accident).

Overall, a light read, but quite an enjoyable one.


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Into Thin Air

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