Small Sacrifices

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RAEHAAS ONE SMALL SACRIFICE LOST CHILDREN OF THE INDIAN ADOPTION PROJECTS, by the Native American Journalist Trace A. DeMeyer, is a cutting example of the many trials historically suffered by North America's Native People. The 'tell all' memoir carries the reader forward through a dark and dismal journey of one small spirit, caught up under ills of political whims. It was decided that the 'Indian Adoption Act' would become the method of saving the child, while being directly aimed at 'assimilation' and killing the spirit and ethnicity. Trace DeMeyer is to be highly respected for pursuing a life threatening path in search of truths. With a crushed spirit her efforts to live in a life of inner peace continued to falter, but her small steps slowly became stronger with each harsh lesson. For Trace, quoting her friend Anecia, "the power of identity was stronger than fear."(p3) The reader is compelled to forge on through the author's words and a spellbinding journey, on a healing path to identity.

Native Americans, before all other Peoples of America, are constantly pressed to prove identity and bloodlines. Smaller numbers render political freedom from admonishing greater numbers for lands grants, treaties, funding for health care and tribal self-help projects. The book documents many political legalities and the harsh realities resulting from them. 'Split Feathers,' Indian adoptees who were stolen from their families or given up for adoption, were erased from tribal roles! Ironically, Split Feathers carry an added fear of finding their tribes only to be disowned by them or loud voices who delegate themselves to even openly label them as imposters. We share in the tears shed by Trace and other split feathers who cried through their childhood for being different , being lonely, and in despair of inaccessible, but vital, hidden or closed documents. We weep realizing now the possibility of these fragile spirits being denied by their birth mothers. Our tears carry hope for the many Split Feathers that they, like Trace DeMeyer, hold fast to their spirit. "ONE SMALL SACRIFICE LOST CHILDREN OF THE INDIAN ADOPTION PROJECTS," is a 'must read' memoir.

PaulaBenoit I couldn't put this book down from the moment I started reading it. Trace Demeyer has captured the heart and soul of life as an adoptee brought into a culture not originally her own.

The importance of adoptees knowing who they are and where they come from is paramount to their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. She points out many reasons why people feel complete when they have their original identity. not just the identity given to them by their adopted parents.

Millions of adult adoptees across the United States are without their original identity because of sealed birth certificates and Trace takes the readers along her journey to understanding who she is and where is all began for her.

AneciaO I read Trace DeMeyer's powerful new book, cover to cover -- One Small Sacrifice. It was written by an adoptee journalist and author who has done years of research and tells her story with compassion and truthfulness. She has gathered memories, feelings, facts and written with unflinching truth, such that, in my mind and heart, she is a warrior and a hero.


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Small Sacrifices

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